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World Autism Awareness Week TV Programmes

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World Autism Awareness Week was 26th March to 2nd April 2018 this year and I wondered what we all thought of the television programmes that popped up over this period to help raise awareness, especially in regard to women and girls with autism.

I managed to catch the programme on Channel 4 called "Are You Autistic?" and thought it was very informative. I am so glad they let autistic people be involved directly with the programme's creation, going so far to let them even do some talking directly to the audience! If you missed it, it is available on Channel 4's streaming site here and it is available for 21 days from this post's date, then it will be unavailable (I assume).

I heard from someone that there was also an ITV channel programme, but I am having trouble finding a way to watch it now I've missed it since it does not seem to be available on the ITV steaming site. Did anyone here see it? Was it any good? I do wonder if the person told me incorrectly and they meant any of these ITV news stories:

Campaign to raise profile of autism in women and girls

Autism in girls leaves families waiting years for help

Do we need more schools for girls with autism?

Probably not this interview, since the person I spoke to said it focused on females with autism, but still worth the share since it is a recent autism related story:

Thanks to anyone who shares something I missed that I others can see. It's truly great to see a great effort this year to raising awareness, especially for females with autism.

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