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  1. Challenging behaviour

    I am just wondering if anyone has any advice about changing behaviour. We are struggling to manage our sons at the moment. This is aggressive behaviour as well as general not wanting/refusing to take part in any requests put upon him. Any advice would be great!
  2. self induced vomiting

    Hi, Callum is non-verbal and attends a special needs school, he seems to enjoy the 'gagging' sensation and only vomits on a few occassions however he is very persistant, he will do it when he feels like it but not after having a meal. Thanks for your support and reply Jo
  3. self induced vomiting

    hi i am new to this forum i joined in the hope to get some advice. My 10 year old autistic son is constantly putting his whole fist down his throat and making himself sick has anybody else experienced this before or has anybody got any ideas on how i can prevent this.