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  1. Anthony

    Hi y'all

    Hi Buta
  2. Anthony

    Forum features and functions

    The q and a section looks like it could be quite any as time goes on and more people are using the forum but can see your point as questions could be asked anyway. So not sure if that section should be kept or not. Forum looks great to me well organised and simple. Can't stand forums that have hundreds of categories all over the place. I wonder though if we should have a recent topic stream above the forum categories? I know some like that and some prefer to browse via category. I like a recent topic fees as I can straight away see recent topics and posts and interact with them right way.
  3. Anthony

    The Forgotten History Of Autism

    Thanks for sharing this @Gavin very informative. Ted talks are great arn't they?!
  4. Anthony

    Siblings get stressed too..!

    Thanks @Buta yes my parents know and we all talk about things often. I just wanted to let others know really that they are not alone and I get stressed just as any other person would I guess. It is hard at times but I do believe I am a better person growing up with someone with autism.
  5. Anthony

    Siblings get stressed too..!

    Hi, Katie. I sent you a private message. Hi Johnlee, Yes, Yoga is a good way of beating the stress. I personally find walking takes my stress away. If I am getting stressed with my brother I go out for long, long walks for hours and it is a great de-stressor. However, I get home and feel terrible that I was a coward and just left my mum to deal with the situation!
  6. Hey everyone, If you are a sibling, as I am, to somebody on the Autistic Spectrum and you are stressed with his/her behaviour or anything is stressing you out, I want to let you know that you are not alone! Not only do things get so bad for me I just explode into tears, I sometimes feel such anger towards my brother. However, this is only at the time I am upset. I'm sure any teenagers who have an Autistic brother or sister have had their lives changed and not been able to do some things you'd like to. But your experiences and your new knowledge have made you a better person, as it has for me! So if there is anything you just want to get off your chest, post it here and I'm sure we'll all do our best to help out. Sometimes it is nice to just talk to somebody you don't know, but knows what you're going through! Afterall, siblings get stressed too! Anthony xxx

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