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  1. Social stories or story based supports are simple stories that can help you understand or remember appropriate behaviours and responses in social or other challenging situation by breaking down the situation into a more easily digested format. The idea is that you, a family member or friend puts a story together describing a specific situation with relevant cues, others perspectives and appropriate responses. Stories should be simple, with a few words or statements and can be accompanied with pictures if needed. Social stories are an evidence-based treatment that can be very useful in situations that you might find hard or struggle to understand and can help you scientifically learn unspoken social rules.
  2. I am pleased to publish for autism awareness month our autism alert card! After many years of working in the area of autism and having a son with autism myself, I have met many people who have wanted a card like this. I know there are some out there but most cost or are not efficient. I did a poll on our twitter account recently as well and had an overwhelming response from everyone saying an alert card is useful. As a result, I have done my best to make our autism alert card as accessible as possible for free. Yes, others will give you plastic cards etc but what I am aiming at is DIY free and useful. Below you will find a PDF version where you can print a whole page of cards and then write your name and emergency contact details on. What I think many will find very useful is our autism alert card phone wallpaper! Yes, I have made a version of our card that is an image for phone wallpapers. Simply download the image here https://theautismforum.co.uk/autism-alert-card-wallpaper-taf.png then all you need to do is install an app which can write on photos, write your name and emergency contact details. Save the image again with those details and set as your phone's wallpaper and locks screen, or just save as an image to show as and when needed. NOTE: When printing the PDF version please make sure you print the page at actual size and don't shrink the page to fit which is often what pdf printing defaults too. Please feel free to share this post with anyone who might find it useful. autism-alert-card-taf.pdf
  3. Gavin

    The Forgotten History Of Autism

    Want to learn a little more about Autism and the history of it and why there seem to be more people diagnosed with it these days??? Watch this great video!
  4. Gavin

    Forum features and functions

    Hi all, just wanted to pop this here for anyone to reply to. As you may see at the moment the forum is a little quite. I hope over time we can all work together to bring this forum back to its former glory. Where we were the most popular forum in 2005. Even the NAS came to us asking about running a forum before they had theirs setup and before the soon to be closed autism connect😥. Sadly we lost our whole forum back then due to useless hosts! Anyway back to what I was going to post 🤣 I will be developing the forum over time to try an meet the needs of its users. If you have ideas and requests for functions etc please let me know here. That said please be aware I can not add everything requested, I have to balance forum performance and features. So for now thanks for being here. Please share the forum as much as you can with friends and others you think might be interested and contribute when you can. The more posts we have with good content, the more people will come read and reply. I am sure we will become the great forum we once we're again. 😁 I have as you may see added a dedicated Q and A section to the forum. At the moment this is just a trial I am not sure if we really need that section or not as people can pair questions anywhere really its just that section works more like a Q and A with voting for best answer etc. Let me know what you think about the Q and A section.
  5. Gavin

    Hi y'all

    Yeah sadly most local authorities don't take on board private diagnosis. There isn't any law that says they can refuse them but they do and people often have a battle to get them to recognise a private diagnosis. It's ridiculous really.
  6. Hi Maisy, It seems you missed the link. I have just added it for you. Saw this earlier today I can see where ethey are coming from but everyone is individual and sure it would suit some while others it might not.
  7. Gavin

    Hi y'all

    Hi @Buta welcome to the forum. Great to have you with us. Yep sadly the waiting lists for diagnosis seem to be similar everywhere. The waiting lists here are about 18-24 months.
  8. Gavin

    Getting the most out of this forum

    We may add some in the future. But for the reactions specifically we can't have to many as it just wouldn't work loading up a load of icons. When it comes to creating a post and adding smilies/emotions to your post then yes in the future we plan to add full support for emoji. If you use the forum on your phone you can add emoji now as well 👍👌😁
  9. Gavin

    Survey Help Please!

    Hi Holly, Thanks for sharing this. It's fine, I will also share on our Twitter account. 👍
  10. Gavin

    How do you keep ontime?

    Nice suggestion there Suzanne! I would also suggest apps if you have a smartphone, there are many apps that could be helpful for time management. They also have timers and reminder notifications build into the scheduling apps to help keep you on task. Try this one for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.auticiel.timein&hl=en And this one for IOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multitimer-multiple-timers/id973421278?mt=8
  11. Gavin

    How do I get a diagnosis for my child?

    Hi Melissa, Sorry to hear about the slow process for you. I am not sure if it is just crossed wires or miss information as schools can not do a diagnosis. An autism diagnosis for a child should be a multi disciplinary diagnosis with several professionals all macking their own assessments and then all coming together to make a decision. The school will be part of this but they can not alone make a diagnosis. The best thing to do is go to your GP. When you go make sure you take a list of things you have observed like behaviours of concern and other issues. When you visit the GP ensure you are clear and concise as to why you are there, which is to seek a referral for an autism assessment. The GP should then make a referral, and you will then keep content with the diagnostic team. I hope this helps. 👍
  12. Hi all so today is international woman's Day 2018. Have a great day!
  13. Gavin

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks! Yes please do, the more posts the better at this stage. 👍
  14. We are aiming to produce some awareness poster that anyone can use and promote.

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