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  1. Survey Help Please!

    Hi Holly, Thanks for sharing this. It's fine, I will also share on our Twitter account. 👍
  2. How do you keep ontime?

    Nice suggestion there Suzanne! I would also suggest apps if you have a smartphone, there are many apps that could be helpful for time management. They also have timers and reminder notifications build into the scheduling apps to help keep you on task. Try this one for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.auticiel.timein&hl=en And this one for IOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/multitimer-multiple-timers/id973421278?mt=8
  3. How do I get a diagnosis for my child?

    Hi Melissa, Sorry to hear about the slow process for you. I am not sure if it is just crossed wires or miss information as schools can not do a diagnosis. An autism diagnosis for a child should be a multi disciplinary diagnosis with several professionals all macking their own assessments and then all coming together to make a decision. The school will be part of this but they can not alone make a diagnosis. The best thing to do is go to your GP. When you go make sure you take a list of things you have observed like behaviours of concern and other issues. When you visit the GP ensure you are clear and concise as to why you are there, which is to seek a referral for an autism assessment. The GP should then make a referral, and you will then keep content with the diagnostic team. I hope this helps. 👍
  4. Hi all so today is international woman's Day 2018. Have a great day!
  5. Hi everyone!

    Thanks! Years please do, the more posts the better at this stage. 👍
  6. We are aiming to produce some awareness poster that anyone can use and promote.
  7. Hi everyone!

    Hi Marcus, welcome to the forum! 👍
  8. Is anyone doing anything for this year's autism awareness week?
  9. Challenging behaviour

    Beat me to it @amanda73 😉 In addition to the challenging behaviour foundation @Joanna you might want to look into antecedent control. This is looking at adjusting the environment to minimise and managing triggers. Positive behaviour support is also something to look at which is what CBF touch on in their information. Here is a good video that explains what it is.
  10. What made you happy today?

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can all draw upon things that have made us happy today. Its all to easy to get lost in the world of autism and forget to recognise the achievements we and our children have made. This thread is here for everyone to share their happy thought of the day or achievement. I will start by adding mine for today but am sure i will come and add more on other days. Today what made me happy was my son saying i love you so much daddy!
  11. violent children with autism

    It is always hard when it comes to medication i suppose if he has not been off it long then stick with it for a while as it does take time to get out of the system and take him time to adjust without it. No probs re pen;-)
  12. violent children with autism

    If he has just come off concerta this could be why his aggression has heightened. this often happens when coming off meds that manage the behaviours and aggression. I have worked with people on concerta and if they come off it or miss a dose it really unsettles them.
  13. Sleep Issues

    So true. We are going through this at the mo we feel depressed, lost, tired, no patients, the possibility of loosing our jobs and much more! Sleep deprivation is torture.
  14. Sleep Issues

    I know that one @amanda73 Our son has endless energy!