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  2. What music are you currently listening to? Feel free to share a video of the song! I'm currently listening to: This song remix always makes me feel a bit happy when I hear it.
  3. Hi, I’m currently doing a course an Access course in Health and Health science. For our final project we need to base a report on a research question of our choice. I’ve decided to choose “Is stress in pregnancy linked to Autism”. We need to collect our own data so I’m putting a link to my questionnaire regarding this. I would love it if people wouldn’t mind coming forward and helping me with this. All information is held in confidence and the survey is anonymous. Thank you in advance....http://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WLLLY2Z
  4. Social stories or story based supports are simple stories that can help you understand or remember appropriate behaviours and responses in social or other challenging situation by breaking down the situation into a more easily digested format. The idea is that you, a family member or friend puts a story together describing a specific situation with relevant cues, others perspectives and appropriate responses. Stories should be simple, with a few words or statements and can be accompanied with pictures if needed. Social stories are an evidence-based treatment that can be very useful in situations that you might find hard or struggle to understand and can help you scientifically learn unspoken social rules.
  5. Just thought that if any fellow autistic females weren't aware, Scottish Autism are running a course specifically for women and girls that I have found super informative and helpful to use. I heard that it will be free to access for a year so access it while you can. Once you've registered, you have two months to complete the course. I live in the UK and have been able to access it okay if anyone not in Scotland is wondering. You can find out more about it and register to access the help here: Women and Girls Online Support Quoted info from the page: Hope it helped! I love the song they sang btw. <3
  6. I think I spent most of it just watching the programmes and what not to educate myself. Even though I'm still waiting for my assessment, I still feel very lost and seeing all this awareness raising is really helpful for dealing with my lost feelings.
  7. World Autism Awareness Week was 26th March to 2nd April 2018 this year and I wondered what we all thought of the television programmes that popped up over this period to help raise awareness, especially in regard to women and girls with autism. I managed to catch the programme on Channel 4 called "Are You Autistic?" and thought it was very informative. I am so glad they let autistic people be involved directly with the programme's creation, going so far to let them even do some talking directly to the audience! If you missed it, it is available on Channel 4's streaming site here and it is available for 21 days from this post's date, then it will be unavailable (I assume). I heard from someone that there was also an ITV channel programme, but I am having trouble finding a way to watch it now I've missed it since it does not seem to be available on the ITV steaming site. Did anyone here see it? Was it any good? I do wonder if the person told me incorrectly and they meant any of these ITV news stories: Campaign to raise profile of autism in women and girls Autism in girls leaves families waiting years for help Do we need more schools for girls with autism? Probably not this interview, since the person I spoke to said it focused on females with autism, but still worth the share since it is a recent autism related story: Thanks to anyone who shares something I missed that I others can see. It's truly great to see a great effort this year to raising awareness, especially for females with autism.
  8. Buta

    Hi y'all

  9. I am pleased to publish for autism awareness month our autism alert card! After many years of working in the area of autism and having a son with autism myself, I have met many people who have wanted a card like this. I know there are some out there but most cost or are not efficient. I did a poll on our twitter account recently as well and had an overwhelming response from everyone saying an alert card is useful. As a result, I have done my best to make our autism alert card as accessible as possible for free. Yes, others will give you plastic cards etc but what I am aiming at is DIY free and useful. Below you will find a PDF version where you can print a whole page of cards and then write your name and emergency contact details on. What I think many will find very useful is our autism alert card phone wallpaper! Yes, I have made a version of our card that is an image for phone wallpapers. Simply download the image here https://theautismforum.co.uk/autism-alert-card-wallpaper-taf.png then all you need to do is install an app which can write on photos, write your name and emergency contact details. Save the image again with those details and set as your phone's wallpaper and locks screen, or just save as an image to show as and when needed. NOTE: When printing the PDF version please make sure you print the page at actual size and don't shrink the page to fit which is often what pdf printing defaults too. Please feel free to share this post with anyone who might find it useful. autism-alert-card-taf.pdf
  10. Anthony

    Forum features and functions

    The q and a section looks like it could be quite any as time goes on and more people are using the forum but can see your point as questions could be asked anyway. So not sure if that section should be kept or not. Forum looks great to me well organised and simple. Can't stand forums that have hundreds of categories all over the place. I wonder though if we should have a recent topic stream above the forum categories? I know some like that and some prefer to browse via category. I like a recent topic fees as I can straight away see recent topics and posts and interact with them right way.
  11. Anthony

    The Forgotten History Of Autism

    Thanks for sharing this @Gavin very informative. Ted talks are great arn't they?!
  12. Anthony

    Siblings get stressed too..!

    Thanks @Buta yes my parents know and we all talk about things often. I just wanted to let others know really that they are not alone and I get stressed just as any other person would I guess. It is hard at times but I do believe I am a better person growing up with someone with autism.
  13. Buta

    How do you keep ontime?

    If I know I have something important to do, I keep a calendar, leave notes on my PC monitor, sometimes go so far to write down the directions to the place I need to go to after looking it up on google maps, and keep in mind a rough idea on the amount of time I need to get ready and get to the thing. If I'm really worried, I tend to allot myself more time in the plan which can work out quite well since it can mean being early, but most of the time I get there just in time I think. I feel like I'm racing the clock a lot of the time when I have to organise myself like that, or something.
  14. Buta

    Art Therapy

    I'd love to try a proper art therapy session. I find even doing simple things like colouring in a picture therapeutic so I imagine I'd enjoy it a lot. Anyone who does get a chance to give it a go, hope you enjoy yourself and find it helpful.
  15. Buta

    Getting the most out of this forum

    Good to know. Thanks for clarifying. I will be sure to try accessing the forum on my phone soon!
  16. I was wondering how long any one had to wait for their adult autism assessment? I've been waiting for at least 10 months so far. Also, if you did not get the result you expected, did you start the process again for a second opinion (I imagine this is super rare in the UK since average wait for assessment is 2 years but no harm in asking)? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  17. Buta

    What made you happy today?

    I met someone today that understood my life troubles really well, despite not having the same health problems. It's always nice to meet someone else who gets it.
  18. Gavin

    Survey Help Please!

    Hi Holly, Thanks for sharing this. It's fine, I will also share on our Twitter account. 👍
  19. Guest

    How do I get a diagnosis for my child?

    Brilliant thank you!
  20. Hi all so today is international woman's Day 2018. Have a great day!
  21. Gavin

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks! Yes please do, the more posts the better at this stage. 👍
  22. Gavin

    Challenging behaviour

    Beat me to it @amanda73 😉 In addition to the challenging behaviour foundation @Joanna you might want to look into antecedent control. This is looking at adjusting the environment to minimise and managing triggers. Positive behaviour support is also something to look at which is what CBF touch on in their information. Here is a good video that explains what it is.
  23. LyricalIllusions


    I don't think it's actually related to Asperger's. My ex-step-dad used to stutter A LOT, more than anyone I've come across before & he didn't have an ASD. I tend to stutter when I'm nervous, speaking too fast, or confused, etc. Luckily, it's never been too bad & is now much better than it used to be but it still happens sometimes.
  24. Janice Adamson

    violent children with autism

    Of five of my children four are affected with neuro-developmental biological disorders. All of them affected have had to be restrained, some were/are more violent than others. I have more than one within the spectrum. Two have aides in school. All four also have AD/HD as well as other co-morbid disorders. Not all of them are on medications, and for the ones that are they are not all on the same medications. I am also on Concert and Ritalin. AD/HD is a life-long disorder, but there can be variants as to the severity. One of my sons is on Dexedrine, two on Concerta. Sometimes there is what you call a rebound effect when the medication wears off, so not depending on the severity of the AD/HD (which is the inability to stop and think before you do something ) but rather the individual child and their response to their environment/mood/state are responsible. Not every child with AD/HD or having ASD's is aggressive, and not every agressive child has ADHD and/or ASD's. Not all of my children on meds are on the same anti-psychotics, either. What works for one child doesn't necessarily work for another. Being trained in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, due to my work in social services, I've experienced the same kind of lights on, lights off reactions in both the workplace and within my home environment. Sometimes you can figure out what some of the triggers are, other times they are not known and the agression is unexpected. I've experienced cases where it finally comes out later that is was something that happened hours before, sometimes even days before - be it at school or @ home with siblings. Eventually coping lessons can be taught and learned, but even my oldest son (now a teenager) still has meltdowns. When he was younger he broke his brother's nose and after I got my younger son calmed down and taken care of... HE was the one hardest to console and I had to rock him for hours. It can be frustrating and demanding. See what kind of services you qualify for in your area, (such as respite, or home educators) if you feel too overwhelmed.
  25. AspieMum

    Two important points about AD/HD

    I have read some do grow out of it but for many it is a life long disorder. I probably had undiagnosed ADHD as a child , as well as undiagnosed Aspergers Syndrome which I was eventually diagnosed with as an adult, based on how similar I was to my ADHD/AS son including the ADHD aspects. Now though there isn't enough left to get a diagnosis- I am a little more prone to being distracted than the average person but not in all contexts (I can have very good concentration in other contexts) and I can make myself focus when I really need to unless I am tired. On the other hand sometimes I concentrate so well I lose all awareness of time especially when I am tired and that is even when there are disractions I could be disracted by. None of it is severe enough for a diagnosis of anything. I probably would have got a diagnosis if one had been available when I was a child and my mum has regretted saying she hoped I would have a child as difficult as me when I grew up- which is something she said when I was a child. Ritalin is working well for him when he is at school, hoilday club and during the day when not at school as well but we still have to deal with post 4/5pm when the medicine has worn off and before it kicks in (which risks us losing our house as we are in rented accomodation). When he was put on a long acting version it didn't work quite as well when it was working and the rebound was horrific and kept him awake which then made him full of loud tantrums in the morning and we had complaints from the neighbours. It doesn't help that they are a single mum with one child who is a teenage girl and they want to have a quiet lie in when there is no school and my twins wake up at 7am if not before every day even though they don't like getting out of bed at 6.30am on school days! He can be hard work but he has got a lovely personality when it doesn't get hidden under ADHD or AS related tantrums and difficult behaviour which can often be made worse by what I call 'the twin effect'- especially as his twin has Autism and was diagnosed overactive when he was younger.
  26. jimigirl

    Sleep Issues

    My son is 19 and if he does not get his Trazadone he wont sleep for days. Also if there is a weather change or the barometric pressure changes he womt sleep no matter if he takes his meds or not.
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